Mounted Unit

Gregg County Sheriff's Mounted Unit

The Gregg County Sheriff’s Mounted Unit was founded in 1985 by former Gregg County Sheriff Bobby Weaver. The Mounted Unit is made up of Deputies from the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office, Officers from other local Law Enforcement Agencies, and civilians. All members of the Mounted Unit are volunteers that are committed to serving the citizens of Gregg County; they provide their own horse, vehicle, gas, and horse trailers.

The Mounted Unit provides assistance in search and rescue operations for this county and surrounding counties. They have been a valuable resource in looking for lost hunters and missing Alzheimer’s patients who are believed to be in wooded areas. The Mounted Unit also assists in man hunts for wanted persons and helps in locating evidence for large crime scenes in rural areas. The Gregg County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit assisted in the Big Sandy man hunt for Jerry “animal” McFadden in 1986.

The Gregg County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit will be patrolling the Longview Mall parking area this holiday season just like it has since the founding of the Mounted Unit in 1985. Gregg County Captain Tony Monsivais leads the Gregg County Mounted Unit aided by Lieutenant Milton Ojeman , Sergeant and Quartermaster Ron England, Secretary and Treasurer Linda Stephenson, and Liaison James Crittenden who is responsible for organizing the Mounted Unit in 1985. The Gregg County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit is always open to new members and asks anyone interested in volunteering to contact the Gregg County Sheriff’s at (903) 236-8400.